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March 2000

If it's March, it must be Las Vegas. This issue takes a look at this month's World Magic Seminar 2000 in Las Vegas, along with a spooky hardback from Mark Edward and the latest magazine (three magazines in one) from Karl Fulves. For those of you who didn't make it to Las Vegas this year, you were sorely missed. For those who did, we hope you had as much fun as we did.

Las Vegas in March, view from the Tower at the Tropicana

MARCH MADNESS -- From March 5-8, a lucky 1200 or so magicians attended the World Magic Seminar (formerly Desert Magic Seminar), the mega-convention started by Joe Stevens and recently taken over and continued by Rich Bloch. This is the last year the convention will be held at the Tropicana. Next year it moves to the Rio, and to January, amid rumors that the Trop itself, now the "old man on the block" at that particular intersection, may be razed. I was fortunate to have a corner room, and the photo shows the lavish view I had from the MGM sign to New York New York to Excalibur to Luxor to Mandalay Bay. Exquisite.

Just a few of the people I met or hung out with or things I witnessed that made this convention special, in more or less alphabetical first-name order: Aaron Fisher, Aldo Colombini's diminishing cards, all the guys (and Julie) from San Diego, Allan Ackerman's card tricks, Ardan James's visual illusions, Bob Kohler's Twisting the Aces, Bonnie Saxe's Les Trix, Cesareo Pelaez's charm, Chad Long's coin trick, Chuck Rubye, the cuisine at Paris, Dexter Cleveland, Erika Larsen, Gary Darwin's magazine collection, Geno Munari's linking rings, Gordon Bean's card tricks, Harrison Carroll, Han Davis's hand shadows, Henri Mayol's cleverness, Jeff McBride's joy, Jennifer Sils' chili, Joe Stevens' dealer items, Josh Jay, Lee Asher, Lisa Moore, Liz O'Keefe, Lupe and Norm Nielsen's new poster mugs, Mac King's home movies, Mark Setteducati's amazing book, Max Maven's jokes, Max Maven's girlfriend, Max Maven's teach-in triumph, Michael Finney, Mike and Tina, Mike Bent's "Julie, the Nose Bleeding Doll," Mike Close's underhandedness, Mike Rogers' Cocksucker Kings, Milt Larsen's reminiscences, Mr. Mysto, Nicholas Night's artistry, Noel Britten and Lisa, Pat Hennessy's and Ed Justice's aplomb with puzzles, The Passing Zone's juggling and wit, Richard and Stan and John and their wonderful magazines, Rudy Coby's home movies, the San Remo's sushi, Silly Billy, Steve Valentine, Tom Mullica's goofiness, Vladimir's acrobatics, and Wayne Dobson's Invisible Deck. Columbine would have loved it.

GHOST STORIES -- Mark Edward conducts seances at the Magic Castle and elsewhere, and he is one of the most prolific and eagerly read contributors to such journals as Seance, Magick, Syzygy, and Shadow Network mailings. Some 38 of his best appear in Restless Plots, a 182-page hardback book from Thaumysta Publishing Co. I particularly liked "The Book of Love" (a clock routine) and "Clear-Cut Choice" (a news strip force). Highly recommended if ghosts are your thing. $50 from H & R Magic Books.

THAT SEVENTIES SHOW -- One of the things that made the seventies an enjoyable period in magic was the excellent publications from Karl Fulves (The Pallbearers Review, Epilogue, and Chronicles). Those of us who subscribed were the only ones who knew how David Blaine floated off a sidewalk, to the dismay of a younger generation. The second issue(s) of Karl's new magazine is in hand, and it's as enjoyable as its predecessors. To date, each issue has arrived with a gaffed set of cards. To check on the availability of Discoverie, Charlatan, and Latter Day Secrets, send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to Karl at P.O. Box 433, Teaneck NJ 07666.

ALOHA -- My father passed away on March 8. He knew only two magic tricks, how to remove his thumb, and how to vanish a borrowed dime in a handkerchief. He ripped off a lot of dimes in his 83 years. I recall the first time I fooled him, with "Teacups and Sugar Cubes" from Robert Parrish's New Ways to Mystify. It was a nice moment. Dad will be missed.

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