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Fearson's "Final Cut"
October 1998

Boo! Some nifty Halloween magic items and news stories await you in this month's installment, along with a full-scale review of Ron Bauer's new serialized magic tricks.

JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN -- Steve Fearson has done it again with a grisly little effect called "Final Cut." The effect is starkly simple: you take a wicked-looking pocket knife (shown at left) and slice your thumb open. I've seen Geno Munari create a sensation with this basic effect, but Geno's method uses real blood. Fearson's new take on the effect is truly diabolical, and no one gets hurt. I recall a David Roth lecture where David mentioned, re one of his coin tricks, "If you liked the trick, you're going to love the method." That's how I felt about "Final Cut." Tres cool! Available from Steve at 1120 Las Vegas Blvd South, Suite 111, Las Vegas, NV 89104. $24.95 pp.

BOOKS R US -- H & R Magic Books has recently issued List 20, a whopping compendium of book titles available from Richard Hatch and Charlie Randall. Many of these titles are unavailable and unadvertised elsewhere. Contact Richard at on how to get on their mailing list.

DAVID BLAINE TALKS TO THE DEAD -- The October 1998 issue of Detour magazine ("the scary issue") contains another too-die-for promo piece on David Blaine, in an article called "Ouija!" David conducts a Ouija seance at New York's Limelight club, a former church turned nightclub.

HATCHET JOB -- The British glossy for men, FHM, skewers magic in its October 1998 issue, with special attention to Siegfried and Roy, Paul Daniels, and David Copperfield, in a seven-page travesty called "This Show Must Not Go On!" The issue elsewhere features the lewdest puppet I've ever seen -- with a hilarious caption. There's an act here for someone.

HOW TO HAUNT A HOUSE -- Two fine additions to the "how to haunt a house" genre appeared this year, The Complete Haunted House Book by cruise ship magi Tim Harkleroad ($29.95), and Give Them a Real Scare This Halloween, by Joseph Pfeiffer ($9.95). Both are great and contain magical ideas. The latter book, I'm sorry to report, tips the method for the needle through the arm.

THE RON BAUER COLLECTION -- I've long been a fan of the magic of Ron Bauer. Ron has recently begun serializing some of his favorite tricks, at ten dollars a pop. Check out a complete review of his first nine monographs.

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