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April 1998

Just a wave of my hand and ... poof! The entire month of March vanishes! Well, it didn't really vanish, but I apologize if you tuned in here for any March ramblings. I happily spent the month enjoying and then writing up the Joe Stevens Desert Magic Seminar. Look for those notes in an upcoming issue of Genii. Meanwhile, the current couple of issues of Genii feature my notes on the new Brett Daniels show in Tunica, MS. That's Brett in the photo at the left, having more fun with magic than you and I are. If you've been putting off that trip to Graceland (another "show" I witnessed last year and greatly enjoyed), now is the time to visit Memphis. Brett's show is just over the state line from there.

One of the things that failed to make my Desert Magic Seminar review was the Nick Lewin show at Maxims. Nick is a very funny British magician (who speaks, as he notes in his act, with a Robin Leach voice) who will fool you and entertain you with more magic and lines worth stealing than you've encountered in a long while. At $10 including a drink, this is surely the best magic bargain in Las Vegas. Check Nick's web site in our Favorite Links.

Also greatly enjoyed, in March, David Copperfield's Dreams and Nightmares. Chris Kenner did a very funny stint in the middle of this show. Wish I could have secretly photographed David's dancers in their skimpy little nighties, but then we'd be getting more hits here than Jennicam.

Really neat stuff we've encountered since our last chat: Solomon's Mind by Eugene Burger, Doc Eason's Bar Magic, and Don Alan's Magic Ranch. The last two items are videos, and while I usually loathe videos, these are way special. Doc's card sequence on Tape 1 is so strong you are going to want to drop whatever 30 minutes of card magic you know and learn Doc's routine move for move, word for word. You shouldn't do this, of course, but you will want to. What would it be like to literally turn back the clock and relive your childhood? This is how I feel about the extraordinary release of the Magic Ranch television series from 1961. Imagine seeing Flosso, Crandall, Neil Foster, Jay Marshall, Richard Himber, Karrell Fox, and many others in their primes, not to mention a very in-charge Don Alan. Mortgage your kids and buy these videos!

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