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February 1998

Happy Valentine's Day! (A tad late!) We hope your month was both romantic and magical. If you are visiting this site to find The Little Egypt Gazette, rest assured that all issues of Volume 2 are still online. Just click the title at the left. Our Favorite Links are also still available and are updated monthly.

You can also hire Steve to frighten you with his scary card tricks, you can order copies of his magic books and lecture notes, or you can commune with the ghosts of Christmas past via greetings from 1995-1997. This site is our continuing web presence. In addition to offering past issues of The Little Egypt Gazette, the site will offer whatever odds and ends occur to us, including the occasional news blurb.

Really neat books we've read since October: Milt Larsen's Magical Mystery Tour, Gary Brown's The Coney Island Fakir, Martin Joyal's The Six-Hour Memorized Deck, Richard Kaufman's Jennings '67, Jon Racherbaumer and Ed Marlo's Arcade Dreams, Owen Magic Supreme's Catalog No. 12, and, a surprise Christmas gift, Chuck Romano's The Art of Deception. Wonderful books all. The Castle photo book and Jennings '67 took me back to my earliest days at the Magic Castle. Gary Brown's Flosso bio conjured up wonderful memories of the amazing Al Flosso. Arcade Dreams and the extraordinary Art of Deception book feature artwork that will inspire you. M. Joyal has everyone memorizing cards anew, and the hundreds of colorful Bill Taylor photos in the Owen catalog will have you reaching for your wallet (just as soon as you hit that lottery).

Little Egypt Magic is the erratically updated web site of Steve Bryant, spawned (the site, not Steve) by a former internet magazine known as The Little Egypt Gazette/for magicians only.

Steve Bryant is an obscure magician and writer who generates this site from a computer in Bloomington, Indiana. He frequently journeys to and performs magic in Little Egypt, the local name for extreme southern Illinois, where the towns bear such names as Cairo, Thebes, and Karnak.

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