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Dealers We realize that some if not all of the dealers listed below are also magicians. They are on this page primarily because their sites are dealer sites. You will also find folks on the Magicians page willing to sell you stuff.

Art of Magic (Dan and Dave)
Axtell Expressions, Inc.
Ben Harris
Black Artefacts
Bob Kohler
Brad Burt's Magic Shop
Byron Walker Magic Books
Chuck Romano
David Regal
Daytona Magic, Inc.
Denny & Lee Magic Studio
Doc Eason
Don England
Gary Plants
Gordon Bean
Grand Illusions
H & R Magic Books
Hermetic Press
Houdini's Magic Shop
Ian's Mansion
Jarle Leirpoll

Jim Steinmeyer
John Kennedy Magic
L & L Publishing
Lee Asher
Magic, Inc.
Mark Edward
Martin Breese
Martin Joyal
Michael Ammar
Michael Close
Mike Caveney's Magic Words
Mike Powers
Miracle Factory
Nielsen Magic
Outlaw Effects
Owen Magic Supreme
Paul Gordon
Ron Bauer
Steve Beam
Steve Draun
Steve Fearson
Stevens Magic Emporium
Theory 11
Todd Lassen
Vanishing Inc.
Wild Colombini
Wooden Cigars

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