Volume 2, Number 5
January 1997

Notice: As always, this monthly party is for magicians only. The bouncer at the Pyramid Club has a keen eye for imposters and tyros, and anyone attempting to slip past his gaze without the proper accreditation will be thwarted and publicly humiliated. You have been warned.

Welcome to the January issue of The Little Egypt Gazette, and Happy New Year to one and all.

Flash (1/21/97): Thanks to Marco Pusterla, the following paragraph no longer applies. You may now click on the party menu above.

First an apology. We fully intended for the above menu to be an interactive document, easily transporting you to the listed revels at the click of a mouse. Regrettably, our irascible sysop, Golem, informs me that last-minute negotiations with our internet provider, Shifty.net, have broken down. The machinations that would have allowed such magic require access to some arcane hardware realm known as a "cgi-bin," and the folks at Shifty demand a stiff cash penalty for this increased level of service. The shoestring that masquerades as our budget hardly allows such extravagances, and so we offer you the following navigational metaphor instead. Simply click on the party activity of your choice, close your eyes and inhale deeply, and we will take you where your heart desires. It's another special issue, and we think you will enjoy the festivities.

Dick Clark is in position in Times Square, and the countdown has begun. Have fun as you:

Dai Vernon photo courtesy of Louis Falanga. Bert Allerton photo courtesy of Jay Marshall.

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