A is for Abb, who was too tightly trussed
B is for Biro, a victim of lust
C is for Channing, who was kicked by a cow
D is for David, who two-timed his frau
E is for Erika, run down by a truck
F is for Flydini, whose zipper got stuck
G is for Geno, for whom tolled the bell
H is for Harry, doing sitcoms in hell
I is for Irene, now Prez far above
J is for Jasper, found choked by his glove
K is for Karrell, who perished of drink
L is for Lynnette, found wrapped in a mink
M is for Max, whose apartment caught fire
N is for Nani, who leaped on Mark's pyre
O is for Ouellet, so sad bout his stroke
P is for Penn, who told the wrong joke
Q (as in Dr.) was slain by his nieces
R is for Ricky, found in 52 pieces
S is for Siegfried, devoured by a cat
T is for Tenko, submerged in a vat
U is for Uri, by Randi done in
V is for Vernon, who drank too much gin
W is for Willard, concussed by a train
X is for x-rays that singed Kuda's brain
Y is for Yedid, departed, oy vay!
Z is for Zarrow, who shuffled away

With deepest apologies to Edward Gorey. See further comments in "Stirring the Tana Leaves."

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