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THE FAB FIVE--In December 2012, as the Magic Castle was bout to turn 50, I observed that Milt Larsen was one of five “creative American geniuses who started small and bet everything they had on their dreams. They saw things we all would want, that hadn’t existed before, that made the 20th century (and now the 21st) the best times ever to live. I never tire of hearing their stories, of how they started from scratch, risking all they had personally, in pursuit of their dreams.” The other four were Harold Ross, Hugh Hefner, Steve Jobs, and Walt Disney. Nice company.

Turn to Milt in context for the full text.


Happy days in Hollywood: Milt (and Bill) get a star.



From a Genii photo tour, January 1965.

(The photos of the early Magic Castle above are from a six-page photo tour of the Castle, printed on special paper in the January 1965 issue of Genii, my candidate for the most enjoyable issue of Genii ever. This was the first multi-page photo spread that showed us what Milt was up to.)


Yesterday, when we were young.




Aloha, Milton Page Larsen.



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