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The Little Egypt Gazette ceased publication with its October 1997 issue. Thanks to all for the words of encouragement and for reading this journal for its 27-month run. All the issues of Volume 2 of The Little Egypt Gazette are currently available. Just click on the month of your choice.

Never say never. Some ten years after retiring The Little Egypt Gazette, we return with a Special Edition covering the story of the 50th anniversary of It's Magic!, Milt Larsen's internationally famous hometown magic show. Read all about Milt and Bill receiving a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, Milt's interview re 50 years of producing live magic shows, the photo shoot for It's Magic! alumni, a roster of all the acts to appear at the Hollywood editions, and a full review of Milt's Kodak Moment, the 50th anniversary show itself held at the majestic Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. And of course visit "Stirring the Tana Leaves" to check up on the latest from Columbine and Golem.

Welcome, kiddies. It's almost Halloween. Step into our Haunted Pool Hall, where you'll encounter pool hustlers and card sharks, astrologers and mind readers. Sometimes they are all one guy: Eddie Fields. Check out Eddie's new book, The Greater Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields, by Jon Racherbaumer from Richard Kaufman. Relive Eddie's stargazing turn with Eleanor Roosevelt, and learn one of his most devastating card tricks. Trick or treat, you say? You want more? How about an in-depth visit with The Amazing Kreskin? Or a photo tour of Haunted Chicago: the final Invocational? Plus the latest news, "Favorite Links" (Haunted and Regular), and a pivotal "Stirring the Tana Leaves."

For September, we're declaring everyone to be a Rhodes Scholar and we're off to England for a special all-British issue, featuring Simon Lovell and Peter Duffie. We offer a review of Simon's hot new hardback, Simon Says, from L&L Publishing, a stunning card trick from that volume, two previously unpublished card tricks from Peter Duffie, in-depth interviews with Simon and Peter that are must reading, a nostalgic look back at two formative books of British magic, "Stirring the Tana Leaves," new "Favorite Links," all the latest news, and much, much more.

We're back to our on again/off again vacation schedule, but are nonetheless posting an abbreviated July issue with the latest news, including fall's World's Greatest Magic IV lineup, a review of Peter Duffie's Effortless Card Magic from Richard Kaufman, brief looks at the new Self-Levitation and Tamariz videos from A1 Multimedia, a walk down memory lane with Richard Himber, and a considerably updated "Favorite Links." Watch for David Blaine on Oprah on July 21.

This month's Wish We Were On Spring Break With Melinda issue features the latest news, reviews of the David Blaine:Street Magic and Disney's Melinda, First Lady of Magic tv specials, a review of Sam Dalal's Swami/Mantra from Richard Kaufman, Tan Hock Chuan's "The Absconding Queen," "Stirring the Tana Leaves," an updated "Favorite Links" and other surprises. Whew.

This month's Vacation Extra issue features the latest news along with the usual "Favorite Links." (This is a "news only" issue. If you've never read this magazine before, please start with one of the other issues for a better idea of what it's all about.)

This month's April-Foolery issue features the latest news, an in-depth look at Stephen Minch's new book, Ken Krenzel's Ingenuities, a devastating card trick by Ken Krenzel called "Opti-Stack," "Stirring the Tana Leaves," the usual "Favorite Links," and more.

This month's March Madness issue features the latest news, an extensive review of the 20th edition of the Desert Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, more thoughts on Paul Harris's "The Anything Deck," "Stirring the Tana Leaves," an updated "Favorite Links," and more.
February's Valentine's Day issue features the latest news, "Rules of the Game II: Return to Pronoun School," a full review of the new books from A-1 Multimedia, The Art of Astonishment, by Paul Harris, two card tricks by Paul -- "The Anything Deck" and "The Perfectionist," "Stirring the Tana Leaves," and an updated "Favorite Links."
January's New Year's Eve issue features the latest news, the Golden Scarab awards for distinguished achievements in magic in 1996, a full review of the new book from Richard Kaufman, The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser, a terrific card trick by Harry Riser: "A Two Billet Test," "Stirring the Tana Leaves," and an updated "Favorite Links."
December's special Holiday issue features an all-new Christmas greeting in verse, "Inside Rocky Mountain Magic: A Visit With Doc Eason," a full review of Michael Skinner's new book, Classic Sampler, highlights of The World's Greatest Magic III, cartoons, "Stirring the Tana Leaves," and more.
November's "Light" issue features news, capsule book reviews of Steve Martin's Picasso at the Lapin Agile and Other Plays and Gary Darwin's Darwin's Inexpensive Illusions, a suggested Christmas list of the latest in magic books, further thoughts on Danny Dew's "Oil and Water," "Stirring the Tana Leaves," and "Favorite Links."
October's special Halloween issue features Danny Dew's "Oil and Water," a review of Paul Osborne's Haunted Illusions, the Mac King interview, an Obituary page, and Haunted Links along with the usual latest news, "Stirring the Tana Leaves," and "Favorite Links."
September's special Back to School issue features Rich Uhrich's "Richard's Stack" and a review of Magie Duvivier, along with news, "Stirring the Tana Leaves," and "Favorite Links." If you are not using Netscape or Internet Explorer, I recommend you access the September issue by clicking on I need a new browser rather than by clicking on the month.
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The Little Egypt Gazette is erratically published on a monthly basis by Steve Bryant for magicians only. If you are not a magician, you will not understand the contents of this journal. If you are a magician, you will probably have even greater difficulty.

Steve Bryant is an obscure magician and writer who produces this magazine from a computer in Bloomington, Indiana. He frequently journeys to and performs magic in Little Egypt, the local name for extreme southern Illinois, where the towns bear such names as Cairo, Thebes, and Karnak.

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